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Semester documents, Campuscard, and re-registration

In this section, you can learn more about the Student Records and Registration Office and its areas of responsibility. The information listed here is particularly important for you.

After your succesful enrollment, you will get access to the ZEDAT student portal. There you will find the Campuscard link under "Dienste". Please click on this link to receive your QR code. The QR code can be printed out or downloaded on to your smartphone. Go to one of the five Campuscard machines on campus and scan your QR code to receive your card.
The Campuscard must then be validated at one of the seven validation machines. You can decide whether you want a photo of you printed on the card or not. Without a photo, the card is only valid when you also carry with you an official identity document that includes a photo of you.

The Campuscard serves as your student ID, Mensacard, and library card, all in one. In addition to that, you can also use the lockers as well as the printers and copy machines at university using your Campuscard. For more information, go to the university's website.

The semester ticket - now Deutschlandticket - is no longer available on the CampusCard, but in digital form as a wallet or web ticket. During a ticket inspection, the digital Germany Semester Ticket must be presented along with a valid official photo ID (e.g., passport; ID card).

Eligible students will receive the Germany Semester Ticket through their ZEDAT portal. By clicking on the Germany Semester Ticket section (Deutschlandsemesterticket) under Services for Students (Dienste für Studierende), they will be redirected to the RIDE app where they can obtain their ticket. Here you will find a short guide how to get the Germany Student Ticket on your smartphone.

Enrollment certificates that can be used as proof of your student status (e.g. for child allowance, health insurance etc.), and the semester fee receipt can be printed out by yourself once your Freie Universität-account has been activated.

The Semester Ticket Office of the General Students’ Committee (AStA) has more information on the semester ticket and how to apply for financial support for, or a waiver of, the ticket.

Re-registration for the upcoming semester must be done until the last Friday of lecture-period. Around four weeks before the re-registration deadline, you will receive an email from the Student Records and Registration Office requesting your re-registration.

Re-registration is done on the ZEDAT-Portal and includes the payment of the semester fees and, in some cases, the fulfillment of other requirements.

After your successful re-registration, you can access your semester documents, including your semester ticket, online, and validate your Campuscard at the validation machines for the new semester

To make sure that you receive all letters sent by the university, please remember to always enter your current address in the ZEDAT-Portal. If you move to another place, you can easily change your address yourself. If documents cannot not be sent to you, you can pick them up at the Student Services Center.

Students who want to take a semester off to study or do an internship abroad or have to take a break for other reasons (e.g. health-related), can apply for a leave of absence during re-registration on the ZEDAT-Portal.

Good to know: The semester that you take a leave of absence in will be counted as a university semester, but not as a study semester (Fachsemester). University semesters are all semesters that you are enrolled in as a student at a German university. Study semesters are only the semesters that you actually spend actively pursuing your current degree program. This distinction can be important if you, for example, apply for and receive financial aid/BAföG.