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Where can I find information about my study program?

Study and examination regulations

Every study program has study and examination regulations. If you are pursuing a combi bachelor, each of your subjects and disciplines have their own study and examination regulations. They contain all information regarding the structure, content, and examination forms of the respective subject and are therefore the foundation for planning your studies. You should carefully read the study and examination regulations that apply to you right at the beginning of your studies. The most up-to-date study and examinations regulations can be found in the program descriptions or on the website of the respective institute.

Exemplary study course plan

The exemplary study course plan and detailed module descriptions can be found in the study and examination regulations of your subject. The exemplary study course plan shows you, as a possible example, when you should take which module.

Website of my institute

Every institute has its own website where you can find useful information and references for your own studies. The website of your institute is listed on the website of the respective department.

Subject-specific introductory event

In addition to the central introductory event, most institutes and departments also offer subject-specific introductory events shortly before classes commence. There you will learn everything you need to know to begin your studies.

Departmental advising

Every study program offers departmental advising, run by either a professor or a research assistant. In addition to that, many institutes also offer student-run study counselling, which means that students from higher semesters advise their fellow students. The contact information can be found


In the mentoring program of Freie Universität Berlin, mentors studying the same subject support first-semester students with their knowledge and experience and give them helpful advice for a successful start at university.