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Printing, scanning, copying, using WiFi

Computers, printers, and scanners

Various workstations are available to students at the University Library locations and in the PC-Pool in the Silberlaube. Here you can work on the computers and scan documents. You can also copy and print in the PC pool. You will need your Freie Universität-account account for this.

The computers and scanners can be used for free. Printing costs are deducted from your personal printing account, which can be charged with your Campuscard at the terminals located at the PC-Pool in the Silberlaube. All new incoming students receive a welcome gift of €5 on their printing account.


Members of Freie Universität can currently print in black and white A4 format in the Law and Economics Libraries. Color printing and printing in other formats is also possible in the ZEDAT PC pools.

WiFi access

You have WiFi access everywhere on campus so that you can connect to the internet working from everywhere at university. To use the WiFi, you need the credentials of your Freie Universität-account. A manual on how to set up the WiFi on your personal device can be found on the ZEDAT’s website.

Off-campus access to the university network

You don’t have to be on campus to access the university network, you can also use it at home or on the road. This gives you the advantage of having access to online library resources no matter where you might be working. To use the university network off-campus, you either need a VPN client or access to the HTTP proxy server.