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Digital tools for your studies

The Freie Universität’s Center for Digital Systems (CeDiS) has made available a wide range of tools to support your online studies. Tools such as Webex, Wikis, Blogs, Blackboard, etc. will make it easier for you to participate in online classes, hold online sessions yourself, work together with classmates on presentations and essays, collaborate with others, give feedback and share your experiences.

Among the most important digital tools at Freie Universität are:

  • Webex (Webex WIKI scroll down for English): Webex makes it possible to have joint video sessions for lectures and presentations, group assignments, study groups before an exam, etc.
  • VBrick (in German): Freie Universität’s central video platform where you can watch videos uploaded by your lecturers and class instructors.
  • Blackboard: On the e-learning platform Blackboard, you have access to study material, exercises and readings for your classes. Moreover, you can also collaborate with your fellow classmates and work together on group assignments.
  • Wikis (in German): Wikis make it possible for multiple people to work on a piece of writing, such as presentation handouts, term papers, essays and lecture notes.
  • Blogs (in German): Blogs are ideal for documenting the progress of a project, exchanging ideas and opinions with other students, or can be used as a simple publication medium.

Webex in particular will continue to play a central role. Therefore, it is important for you to download and install the software and to make yourself familiar with the essential functions.

Please note: If you do not wish to use your officially registered name when using Webex or Blackboard, people who have a dgti-additional identification card can apply for the corresponding name entry in the student administration. You can find further information here