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Welcome from fellow students

On behalf of all students, you are warmly welcomed here by David (in English) and Jasmin (in German). They are excited to see new faces on campus and can’t wait to meet you and share their freshmen experiences with you. They will make sure to provide valuable tips for your learning and leisure activities, as well as tell you about their favorite spots for studying and meeting new people. Jasmin and David are two of the Ambassadors of Freie Universität.

FU Student Initiatives and Organizations

The classrooms and university cafeterias are not the only opportunities to connect with other students. There is a variety of student initiative groups that are involved in university politics, form working/study groups and organize discussions and talks. They also offer sports events, parties, and weekend getaways. At the beginning of the semester these groups usually introduce themselves at orientation days, where they inform students about where to look for more information and support during your study experience. You are very welcome to learn more about these initiatives and become part of them.

At the bottom of the page you will find some examples of student organizations and initiative groups at Freie Universität. You can find a lot more information on the web, in particular when you go directly to the website of a specific faculty or institute.

Student Initiatives

The student initiatives represent the interests of students belonging to a particular department or institute. They are free student associations open to everyone interested in participation. The student initiatives advocate for specialty communities (meaning all students of one faculty or institute). On top of that, they serve as a point of contact for students at the institute/faculty, offer events and help organize the orientation days for first-year students.

AStA FU – General Students’ Committee AStA FU Berlin

The General Students’ Committee (AStA FU) is elected by the Student Parliament and is the central body of the student administration at Freie Universität. The committee is made up of several administrative units, each with their own area of responsibility. Some typical tasks include helping students form an informed opinion and take a stance on university or science issues, promoting political awareness, and taking care of various student concerns. The AStA has the right to speak and propose action in all university committees, such as the Academic Senate. They keep in contact with the student initiatives (see above) and the Students’ Coordination Committee (which organizes communication between students and university administrative units). In addition, the AStA runs the semester ticket office and offers a number of free (legal) consultations such as BAföG counseling, counseling for women, BIPoC students and international students, LGBTQI+- peer support, social counseling, etc.

Student initiative groups can apply for financial support at the AStA. Here you can also print out a document, make a copy or even book the AStA bus.


Student Initiative Groups and Networks (example)