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What is the Freie Universität-Account?

With your account will have access to various services and features that you can use during your time at university.

You can log in to Campus Management with the credentials of your Freie Universität-account. Campus Management is the central course registration platform: During the registration period at the beginning of every semester, you can register for classes there. You should pay attention to the different registration deadlines for classes with limited student capacity and those without. You can register and deregister for classes and modules until the end of the registration period.

Before you register for classes and modules on Campus Management for the first time, we recommend you to attend the central orientation days and subject-specific introductory events first.

Your FU-account gives you access to the central learning platform Blackboard. Many of the university’s lecturers and course instructors use the platform to communicate with you throughout the semester, share course material, or sometimes for surveys and tests. Blackboard also offers useful collaboration tools for you to work with classmates.

To have access to your email inbox, log into the ZEDAT-Portal using your Freie Universität-account credentials. Since the university will always contact you through your university mail address, you should regularly check your Freie Universität-inbox or forward mails to your private mail account.

So called User Wikis are another tool you can use through the ZEDAT-Portal. A wiki enables you to share and work on content with members of your study or presentation group. It’s a useful tool for organizing group work or for exchanging study material.

The ZEDAT’s software portal is also very useful for students. With your Freie Universität-account, you can download software for free for your own private use or buy them at a low price.

With your FU-account credentials, you can access the Portal of the Student Records and Registration Office via the ZEDAT-Portal. Among the various features and services available there are re-registration for the next semester and changing your address.

You have access to the university’s Wi-Fi eduroam everywhere on campus. To use eduroam, you need a Freie Universität-account. You can find a manual for setting up the university Wi-Fi on your personal devices on the ZEDAT’s website.

You don’t have to be on campus to use the university network but can also access it from your home. This would, for example, enable you to use library resources available online while studying at home. To use the university network off-campus, you either need a VPN client or have to use the HTTP proxy server with which you can link your device to the university network without having to be on campus

With your FU-account, you can use the computers, scanners, and printers at the ZEDAT-PC-Pool in the Silberlaube. You can manage your printing account on the ZEDAT-Portal.