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How do I register for classes?

Course registration at Freie Universität Berlin takes place on the platform Campus Management. At How do I use Campus Management? you can find a video that explains the registration process on Campus Management in detail.

You can find the language classes that are offered by the Language Center each semester and the pre-requisites online in the course catalogue.

Registration for language classes is not done directly on Campus Management, but with a separate registration form from the Language Center. There is a special form for exchange students. On the Language Center's website, you can find the registration form, a graphic explaining the registration procedure, and the application deadlines.

Registration usually already takes place the week before lectures.

Once the language center has assigned you to a class, you will have to register for it on Campus Management during the third week of lecture period.

Applicants who have prior knowledge of the respective language, but haven’t taken a class at the Language Center yet, have to take a placement test before registration.

If you don’t really know what ABV and LBW courses are, take a look at the “What is the structure of a bachelor’s study program?”-section of the OSA.

General professional skills courses (ABV)

The ABV courses offered during the current semester can be found online in the course catalogue under Department/Allgemeine Berufsvorbereitung (ABV). You can register for these courses on Campus Management during the registration period.

Please note: For modules of the skill areas information and media competence and foreign languages, different registration procedures apply.

The internship module is a mandatory part of ABV and consists of the professional internship and a 10-hour internship colloquium. Registration for the internship module takes place on Campus Management too. The amount of credit points you will receive for the internship module depends on the length of your internship and working hours. You can also do your internship abroad. All important information regarding the internship module can be found on the website of the Career Service.

The General Professional Skills Courses have their own study and examination regulations. Additional information can also be found on the ABV website.

Teaching-related professional courses (LBW)

The LBW courses of the current semester can be found online in the course catalogue under "Department/Dahlem School of Education". You can register for these courses during the registration period on Campus Management.

The Teaching-related professional courses also have their own study and examination regulations. The Dahlem School of Education has more information on LBW for the BA program Elementary Education and LBW for students pursuing a combination bachelor's with teacher training option.

If you are registered for a module on Campus Management, you are usually already automatically registered for the exam. The exact date of the exam will be announced during the semester. The responsible department will give out information in case a separate special registration procedure for an exam is required.

If you want to deregister from an exam, so that you won’t have a “fail” on your record for not taking it, please go to the Study and Examination Office of the respective department. You can find more information on the deregistration procedure at the overview of all study and examination offices

What do module examinations consist of?

The study and examination regulations of your study program will tell you that. The examination regulations also determine how many times you are allowed to take an exam. If not stated otherwise, you have three attempts to pass an exam (see "Rahmenstudien- und Prüfungsordnung (RSPO)" at study framework and examination regulations of Freie Universität Berlin).