M.Sc. Bioinformatics

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City of Berlin

Not only is  the Freie Universität an excellent university, it also has the advantage of being located in Berlin. The German capital is a historically and culturally rich city with a great art scene and night life. With its many different districts and neighborhoods it is sure to offer something for everybody, whether you are a student or decide to stay after graduating.

For a good start in the city and for making your student's life enjoyable, you can rely on the Studierendenwerk, the service provider for students of the Berlin universities, which offers counselling, cheap dining, housing, information about financing, culture, jobs and much more.

No matter whether you like techno, jazz or classical music, Berlin has got everything and if you keep your eyes open you can even find a lot of it for free.

There is usually a cinema in walking distance (a little further if you want to watch a film in the original language), lots of great theaters and three opera houses.

Moreover, you can get an annual museums pass for all museums of the Preußischer Kulturbesitz or independently have a look at the many museums and galleries. Several of those are of course about the history of Berlin, especially the division of the city and at many places you can find leftovers of the wall and its checkpoints.

Or you simply visit the different neighborhoods of Berlin, which all have their own flair.

Directly south-west of Berlin is the beautiful city of Potsdam with its royal gardens, which you can reach with your semester ticket. The surroundings are perfect for long bike rides and walks through the forest; in summer you can go swimming at one of the many lakes in the city or nearby.

In Berlin, there are four mayor universities that cooperate and many other higher education institutions.

The cooperation of universities allows you to eat at any of these university canteens in Berlin for students prices. You can use libraries and take part in sports classes (Hochschulsport) at other universities. The great variety of sports classes includes ball sports, martial arts, dancing and in summer even water sports and many more.

The student identity card also serves as a semester ticket for the public transport system withing Berlin, including ferries, and you can even take a bike along for free.

As a student and also after graduating it should be easy to find a job at one of the many research institutes, firms and start-ups. Berlin is the city with the biggest number of start-ups in Germany and the number of jobs in the area of bioinformatics is growing. Usually, the workplace where you do your research internship wants to keep you afterwards, if you don't already have a job elsewhere. Institutes in Berlin include the Zuse Institute Berlin, Leibnitz Institutes, Robert Koch Institutes, the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH), two Max Planck Institutes, the Max Delbrück Center, Fraunhofer Institutes and many more.