B.A. North American Studies

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At a Glance

What is North American Studies?

In North American Studies we scientifically analyse the history, society, literature, culture, politics, and economy of the United States and Canada. Structured around six key disciplines – history, cultural studies, literary studies, political science, sociology and economics – the program imparts profound expertise of these two countries, while allowing students to deepen their specialized knowledge as they gradually select a disciplinary focus. At the moment, there are more than 600 students enrolled in the program taking courses in the six disciplines as well as in interdisciplinary subjects. The entire program is taught in English and intensive language courses taught by specialists of the language center of the Freie Universität are a core part of the curriculum for Bachelor students, establishing a common sophistication in Academic English. As an interdisciplinary program, North American Studies offers both area-studies’ specific expertise as well as assignments that combine the vantages of multiple disciplines.

The John-F.-Kennedy-Institute for North American Studies

The John F. Kennedy Institute (JFKI) is renowned for its innovative interdisciplinary research as well as its rigorous study programs. Founded in 1963 by the political scientist Ernst Fraenkel, the institute is dedicated to the study of the United States and Canada in all its facets. The six disciplines brought together at the institute, the numerous scholarships and exchange programs which it sponsors, and its world class research library create a unique academic environment. Disciplinary diversity and in-depth intellectual inquiry lay the foundation for excellence in both research and teaching.