Biochemistry (M.Sc.)

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Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology investigates the molecular basis underlying biological activities. It is concerned with the synthesis of biomolecules, how they interact in biomolecular systems, how biomolecules and their complexes exert their activities and how biomolecular activities are regulated. It thereby strives to elucidate the molecular mechanisms that enable complex cellular processes, such as genome replication and maintenance, ordered gene expression and gene regulation, immune responses, neuronal signaling, information processing across membranes or dynamic exchange of materials between cellular compartments.

For a Methods Module in Molecular Biology, you can choose between Protein Engineering; Nucleic Acids; Protein Analysis and Microsequencing; Alternative Splicing and Protein-RNA Interactions; Membrane Protein Expression in Cell-Free Systems; Production and Biophysical Analysis of Selected Membrane Proteins and more.