Biochemistry (M.Sc.)

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Our Mission

Your Bachelor’s program should have endowed you with a sound knowledge base in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. You also should be familiar with basic biochemical and molecular biological lab techniques, both in theory and in practice. The FUB Biochemistry Master’s program will encourage you to build upon this basic knowledge and expertise to deepen your understanding of the inner workings of and functional interactions between biomolecules, and of how such mechanisms and interactions support biological processes on the levels of individual biomolecules, biomolecular complexes, cells, tissues and entire organisms. Moreover, to prepare you for a successful career in research or a leadership position in the biochemical, biotechnological or biomedical industry, we strive to enhance your abilities for critical evaluation of experimental results, for innovative experimental design and for independent project planning. On the next few pages, we illustrate our mission by providing typical questions and exercises you might be confronted with in courses or exams the FUB Biochemistry Master’s program. There are no answers provided to the questions, as they are not meant to test you but to stir your interest and curiosity.