North American Studies (M.A.)

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M.A. North American Studies


Source: Flickr.com – By jimmy brown [CC BY 2.0]

Welcome to the Online Studies Selection Guide (OSA, Online-Studienfachwahl-Assistent) for the M.A. North American Studies! With the help of the following pages you will receive a comprehensive insight in the studies program.

We recommend proceeding through the Guide consecutively from the first page to the last one. For that you can use the arrows on the side of each page. Alternatively, you can use the various tabs for searching for specific information on the program and its specialties, structure and module overview, exemplary tasks, university life, prospects as well as application and admission details.

During the run-through of the OSA no data, including your personal one, is either collected or stored. The complete pass through the application takes about 30-40 minutes.

We hope you enjoy our OSA!