North American Studies (M.A.)

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There are always some students who enroll in a program and after some time realize that they have made the wrong choice for themselves. We hope to help you avoid similar frustrations by providing a checklist for you to see if your interests and expectations are well matched by the content and organization of the M.A. North American Studies. The following self-assessment tool enables candid self-assessment through the provided questions and their associated feedback which will help you decide if this master's program is the right one for you.

Please note: This is not a test of your currents skills or knowledge! The results will be neither collected nor stored nor in any way influence your application.

Please decide if you feel each statement to be true or false. At the end of the self-assessment you will receive an interactive feedback for each statement (via the 'i' symbol). If you cannot decide then feel free to leave them unanswered.

I agree
I do not agree

I enjoy any prolonged confrontation with complexity and am eager to complex answers to seemingly simple questions.

The Master's degree in North American Studies will be a rewarding experience for any curious and patient person.

I am able and willing to spend most of my week reading academic texts written in English.

Reading is a vital part of your degree.

I look forward to presenting academic themes and questions in English, in a classroom setting in front of peers.

Classrooms are crucial spaces of learning and personal growth, presentations and discussions can play a vital role in your studies.

Working in groups and cooperative work is very difficult for me, I prefer to work exclusively on my own.

Any degree will benefit from a willingness to learn from others and work together with your pears.

I enjoy American popular culture, TV shows and movies, but any prolonged and laboured inquiry into the debates of American culture, literature, politics sociology, history or economics bores me.

While an interest in American popular culture is common among American Studies scholars, your degree will be an exercise in academic work and careful research.

I am prepared to spend weeks and months at a time researching and writing academic papers which will test my patience, resolve and interest in any topic I choose.

Writing term papers is among the more challenging aspects of a Master's degree, while deeply rewarding, their successful completion requires patience and resolve.

Additionally to my own disciplines of choice, I am very interested in engaging with interdisciplinary approaches, thus using these to broaden my insights.

Interdisciplinary is key at an interdisciplinary institution like the JFKI.

I expect the faculty and professors of my institute to be not just supportive and encouraging, but actively engaged in my research, constantly suggesting new themes and questions for me to pursue.

Faculty and staff at the JFKI are wonderfully supportive, but a Master's degree requires a high amount of independence and maturity.

I expect that a specific course of study will prepare me specifically to join the labour force of the free market, educating me specifically for a career which begins right after graduation.

The Master's degree in North American study does not lead directly to a preconceived career path, but rather opens up a variety of options.

While I enjoy interacting with colleagues and fellow students, and appreciate classroom discussions and group work, I am prepared to spend a majority of my academic career working alone, researching, reading and writing relatively independently.

Most academic pursuits involve a significant amount of independent reading, writing and researching which is not done in direct cooperation with your peers.

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