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Mono and combination bachelor’s

Mono bachelor’s

The structure of BA and MA degree programs depends on the subject or combination of subjects and differs at every university. Around half of Freie Universität’s BA programs are mono bachelor's. In addition to the core subject one has applied for, some programs also require their students to take classes in so-called related areas or related modules that, unlike the modules offered for the combination bachelor’s programs, do not require an additional application. Mono and combination bachelor's both include a General Professional Skills courses worth 30 credit points (CP) that also do not require an additional application or registration.

Combination bachelor’s

The other half of FU BA programs are combination bachelor's. They consist of a core subject (usually 90 CP) and one or two separate modules (one 60-CP or two 30-CP modules). The modules can be chosen out of a broad spectrum of subjects (unless the program's study regulations only allow certain combinations). Applicaton and admission for the core subject and separate modules take place separately, but you will be enrolled for them simultaneously.

When choosing your separate modules, please keep in mind that they are only a supplement to your core subject meant to broaden your skill set, not the main focus of your studies. This can be relevant for future Master’s applications that often times require a certain amount of CP in certain subjects.

If you choose a 90-30-30-CP subject combination, the two separate modules are just additional qualifications, you cannot pursue a Master's degree in those subjects.