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Study structure

FU undergraduate degree programs are usually six semesters long and begin (besides a few exceptions) during the winter semester.

All classes are grouped thematically into modules that are completed with a graded module examination. There is no big final graduation examination, but all module examinations are part of the final grade you graduate with. Therefore, almost all classes are compulsory, which means they have to be attended regularly and require active participation. More details can be found in the study and examinations regulations.

Once the module examination has been passed successfully, credit points are awarded according to the study effort required: Based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), 1 CP is equivalent to 30 hours of study and work effort (class attendance plus self-study, exam preparation, exams, mandatory internships, etc.).

A six-semester degree program consists of 180 credit points, thus 30 CP should be earned each semester. Consequently, the study and work effort expected are 30 x 30 = 900 hours for six months (the lecture-free time is not the same as semester break but is to be used for exams, block seminars, internships, etc.).

The study course plan attached to every study and examinations regulations shows which module should be taken in which semester. Many only begin in the winter semester and have to be taken over two consecutive semesters.

Towards the end of your studies, you have to write a bachelor's thesis of around 25 pages in your core subject within eight weeks; sometimes, a 30-minute oral exam on the thesis’ content is also required (details can be found in the study and examinations regulations).