B.A. North American Studies

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Student Activities at the Institute

The John F. Kennedy institute is home to a vibrant, active, and increasingly international community of Bachelor, Master, and even PhD students. The student body plays a fundamental role in the institute and has active voting rights in the decisions made by the institute council. New students are encouraged to take part in a variety of student activities and student government possibilities within the institute.

You can take part in our Student Board (german: “Fachschaftsinitiative”), an open group that discusses current issues of university politics and student life at the institute. It's a great way to make your voice heard. You might also be elected to officially represent the entire student body on the institute council, using your active voting rights to influence decisions that affect the entire intitute.

We host a legendary Summer Party, not to mention our Winter Party and Halloween Party! But there's no limit to what you can organize at the institute with your own initiative. There have been theater and writing groups, movie and debate clubs and even official student run seminars. Your ideas are not just welcomed, they're encouraged! Recently, students have created a literary journal that publishes student writing. We can't wait to see what you'll start!


Caféte Logo The Caféte is the student café in the basement of the institute. It is managed by volunteers from the student body and is always welcoming new helping hands! After some recent upgrades the Caféte offers a small assortment of refreshments and snacks. Volunteers now have access to an audio system and projector (beamer), making the Caféte a popular hangout.

Jackie Magazine

Jackie  is an art and literary magazine for and by students at the John F. Kennedy Institute which was launched in the Summer Semester 2019 by BA students of the JFKI. Submissions to the magazine can include photography and other visual arts; written work such as poetry, short stories and essays. Each edition has a theme. The theme of the first edition was 'Foreigner.

Jackie First Cover "Foreigner" Jackie Ad "Submit"