M.Sc. Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience

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Clinical SCAN

The module covers the theoretical foundations and practical applications of neuropsychological procedures which are relevant for questions which fall within the SCAN research domain. The students learn several neuropsychological methods and models which are applied to empirical data from a variety of neuropsychiatric populations. This includes: neural correlates of cognitive, emotional and affective functions whose disturbances in patients with mental disorders, brain damage and the detection of such problems will be addressed with both case studies as well as group studies.

The students will have gained a basic knowledge of the general theoretical foundations and practical applications of neuropsychological methods and their characteristics in clinical populations. They will have gained cooperation and communication skills which can be applied to the diagnostic processing of individual case studies as well as with groups. Furthermore, they will be able to assess neuropsychological examinations in clinical and non-clinical contexts.  

The module consists of a lecture series with several guest speakers and individual presentations.