M.Sc. Bioinformatics

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Jekaterina Kokatjuhha, Data Analyst

Please describe shortly your current profession. How does your typical day at work look like?

I am a Data Analyst at Zalando SE. Currently I am doing a deep dive analysis for the identification of fraud cases. I derive business insights and find root causes for data abnormalities by providing explanatory data analysis, customer segmentation, application of algorithms for abnormally detection and building dashboards and ETL-processes.

What was your motivation to study Bioinformatics?

I loved Biology, liked Math and I wanted to find out how human kind is programmed.

When and how did you choose your current profession? Did you realize your plans from the time of your studies?

It was after I finished my master degree and wanted to switch to industry.

What in your opinion is the most important thing for your work that you learned during your studies? What do you still profit from?

Programming, math, statistics, machine learning and analytical thinking.

Which additional qualifications should one gain as a student that are crucial or useful for your current profession?

  1. Scalable and reliable Software development
  2. deep dive into machine learning
  3. advanced skills in programming languages such as Python, Scala and Spark

Is there anything from the Master’s program that evokes especially strong memories?

I am very glad that I took machine learning course offered by Annalisa Marsico.

I am still very disappointed that out of 13 modules from the elective area only 5-6 were offered during my masters time, what did not provide the specialisation I wanted.

What advice would you give the master students who would like to pursue a similar career?

Improve your communication skills, learn math, statics and proper software development. Also check out tech blogs of Pinterest, Airbnb, Netflix to understand how business uses machine learning and statistics.